Kalaam: The first-ever programming language in Hindi

Kalaam: The first-ever programming language in Hindi

Kalaam is that the first-ever artificial language in Hindi and has all the basic functionalities of a leading edge programing language. From for circles to while circles and from capacities to contingent explanations.

Kalaam was made as a bit of an instructive undertaking to assist my understudies younger than 18 to understand programming through an alternate measurement. because the improvement of Kalaam proceeds, expect propelled highlights and significant bug fixes within the following rendition.

Anybody with a cellular phone or a PC can begin coding in Kalaam.

Why Create Kalaam?

Kalaam was a chunk of my instructive undertaking to enable my understudies to master programming through a natural measurement. Punctuation is merely an instrument and within the event that you simply are as of now aware of an apparatus, the way toward utilizing that device seems to be simple. Subsequently, understudies can concentrate more on the rationale part and not stress over why ‘x’ has name ‘x’ or why ‘y’ has name ‘y’. Additionally, I accept the formation of Kalaam will move coders of our nation to require on extreme difficulties and learn by building things.

When will Kalaam become an open source venture?

Prior to going open source, i’ve got to confirm that the code is neighborly to peruse and comprehend. The greater a part of this work will incorporate nitty gritty remarks for just about every line of code. you’ll be able to remain refreshed with the venture on Discord server of the Kalaam or my internet based life handles.

How might I add remarks to my code in Kalaam?

Remarks is an exploratory element for the nonce and should present some issues. you’ll be able to at the present persist and use “#This could be a remark” like organization with obligatory ‘#’ toward the beginning of every remark.

Where would i be able to become accustomed to how Kalaam was assembled?

I will be sharing my excursion on my Youtube and on the off chance that you just must get more access to hidden rationale, you’ll do this when language are made opens source. On the opposite hand, you’ll likewise join Kalaam friction server and my instagram handle for continuous updates.

Consider the likelihood that i’m having a problem with my code execution.

Kalaam continues to be in it’s first stage and are tried by bunch of peoplethe difficulty that you simply may face are exceptionally minor and might be fixed in a very day or two. it might be ideal if you are attempting to share your criticism and confronted issues on Kalaam strife server or my instagram handle in order that Kalaam people group can continue improving the language.

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